Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopaths are doctors who listen.

Naturopaths are doctors that know the true cure is much deeper than the temporary reduction of symptoms and they invest time into understanding and diagnosing causative factors. Naturopaths individualize treatment for their patient’s specific needs.

As a licensed naturopath, Dr. Raina Lasse uses a variety of tools to assist in rebuilding physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She builds long-term relationships with her patients and is a resource for rebuilding and maintaining their vitality.

Dr. Lasse received her medical training from the Natural University of Natural Medicine and has received extensive training in mindfulness-based counseling from the META Institute. She has chosen not to be a Primary Care Doctor, and instead specializes in the fusion of functional medicine and mindfulness coaching. Yes, she orders lab work. No, she does not do annual exams.

Read on for a sampling of the tools commonly used in her practice.

Biochemical Modalities

Functional Medicine: This highly personalized, science-based approach focuses on restoring normal physiology. It addresses the web-like interconnection between different organ systems within a person and in respect to their external environment.

Advanced Speciality Test: Includes genetic, hormonal, and gastrointestinal testing.

Nutritional Supplements: High-quality supplements that offer focused nutritional support and are individualized based on specific needs.

Herbal Medicine: Harnesses the wisdom and healing power of plants.

Experience-Based Modalities

Mindful Based Coaching: Being with one’s individual experience, and fostering a deep listening. The better we know our true nature, the more clearly we see the path ahead.

Lifestyle Counseling: Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are repeated daily and shape your life.

Nutritional Consultation: As Hippocrates said, "Let your food be your medicine.” Dietary advice that simultaneously treats and prevents chronic disease.

Informational & Energetic Modalities

Flower Essences: Emotional healing that helps us see the world with clarity and tenderness.

European Biotherapeutic Drainage: Effective and gentle detoxification.

Homeopathy: Wholistic system of medicine operating under the law of similars.

It is the goal of naturopathic medicine to reach beyond symptom relief and address the underlying cause of the illness.

During naturopathic visits, patients can expect to receive a personalized treatment plan, an in-depth exploration of their health history, access to specialty labs, mindfulness exercises and a compassionate guide.

For a fuller picture of Dr. Lasse's practice, please visit Craniosacral Therapy and Mindfulness-based Coaching.

Patient Testimonials

My experiences with Dr. Lasse have been and continue to be enlightening, inspiring, informative, and fruitful! She has a stunning academic mind for health and dietary studies, theories and practices but seems equally balanced in intuitive healing methods. Most importantly, she listens! I've seen a few doctors, naturopaths, woo-woo healers, etc., around the country and can honestly say Dr. Lasse listens better and hears more than anyone I've met with.

I leave every visit in a better mindset than I arrived, as she is great at reassuring me that I am right where I need to be in my ongoing path of wellness.  

Dr. Lasse excels in gaining a full and detailed picture of my life as a whole, in giving me observations and ideas from her perspective and background, and then evaluating the best path for US to take moving toward specific goals. I feel that she's invested and that we're working together as a team.

Her follow-ups, printouts and accessibility make me feel cared-for even outside of the office visits. I recommend seeing Dr. Lasse to anyone and everyone!