Start Your Healing Journey

Raina Lasse, ND

Naturopathic Somatic Healing

Collaborative Care

I am a great fit for patients interested in diving deep within themselves, who enjoy working collaboratively, and are interested in support during the transformative process of healing.

For New Patients

Want to work with me? Great. I love learning about people, supporting them, and sharing the things I have found that work.

The process starts with scheduling 20-minute free “get to know you” phone call and application. This visit is called an Insight Session.

Over the years, I have learned how important fit is for the healing process. Check out my “provider fit” checklist.

Currently my practice is full.  Please join the waitlist by signing up for an Insight Session, and we will reach out when an appointment becomes available.

For Current Patients

I'm offering the same resources as ever: patient portal, online scheduling and product refills. With the added bonus of virtual patient appointments.

Do what you love. Do it everyday. Have people in your life that support you. You got this.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Raina is hands down the best medical professional I've ever encountered. She combines such incredible knowledge with a counseling type experience. I always feel so validated and so much empathy from her. And she has incredible intuitive gifts that aid in her practice.

So happy I found her, I can't even tell you!


I have been seeing Dr. Lasse for about 4 months and have never been happier. I was very sick with an unexplained illness for over a year, visited over 15 doctors, and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. Dr. Lasse figured me out in a matter of minutes, and she has helped me in my path to healing!

I feel better than I have in a long time and look forward to my appointment with her every month. She is the kindest, most patient Dr. I have ever seen and brings so much positivity into my life. I would recommend Dr. Lasse and the amazing staff at to anyone!


Choose a Provider Who Is a Good Fit

Is My Approach for You?

  • You want to feel better, have tried a lot of things, and feel overwhelmed and lost.
  • You are excited and able to invest time into your health.
  • You want to focus on the underlying system behind your symptoms. To take a truly holistic approach that includes the signature of who you are.
  • You are going through a Transitional Crisis Awakening. This often occurs during middle age, with the birth of a new baby, a job change, or health event.
  • You are a leader.
  • You are safe and discontent, and want to take the risk needed for a better life.
  • You are tired and wired.
  • You are a curious person and have felt called to make change, you just don’t know where to start.
  • In addition to any symptoms you are feeling, your body just doesn’t feel quite right.
  • You don’t have the emotional energy to do the things you value.
  • You need a different approach. The tools and perspective you have aren’t able to move you forward.
  • You not interested in treating just on symptoms. You know something more important is going on in your body and the parts you see are just aspects of a bigger whole that is ready to transform.
  • You are hungry for connection, change, and doing the work of surrendering.

Or Is Another Provider a Better Fit?

  • You are looking for a primary care doctor to manage medication and do your annual exam.
  • You are not interested in opening up and exploring new experiences and information.
  • Now is not the right time to focus and invest in the deeper healing process.
  • You are wanting to focus mostly on physical symptoms and linear deductive reasoning.  Functional medicine practitioners are great resources for this type of healing. 
  • You are not interested in exploring the root cause and/or putting any extra effort, curiosity, and finances towards exploring the bigger picture.