Bold Transformative Agreements

for our journey together 


Centering Collaboration 

The journey to enriched health and fulfillment happens in collaboration with others. We are social creatures and our physiology is designed to flourish when attuned in loving supportive relationships.

Our work together can be thought of as the central access point, or control center for your healing. A space to process, be nourished, slow down, get clear, listen to your inner knowing, learn practical tools, and to connect to resources. My role is to provide steady support and guidance.

There is something magical about having team of people invested in your health. This is why I love adding referrals at specific points of the journey. Resources come in the form of other professionals, lab testing, books, guided mediations, and classes.


Powerful Messengers  

Symptoms are more than they seem. Your symptoms are your greatest messengers.

I love symptoms, for I have found that they are actually really important tools in understanding yourself and your body. They provide powerful clues about what is going on beneath the surface. Decoding them reveals a deeper truth and often a more substantial shift in healing.

You can expect us to embrace and get really curious about symptoms.


Your Precious Life

What does healing really mean? Is it just the resolution of the complaint that brought you into the office? Or is there something more?

For me, healing is a transformative process. I deeply value helping people live an authentic precious life, filled with the experiences of love, freedom, service, and fulfillment. That is why I have devoted myself to the healing arts.

There are many challenges along an individual’s healing journey. Some of them are physical symptoms. Some of them are limiting beliefs. Some of them are painful emotions.

Our goal isn’t simply the resolution of a singular problem, or to be so perfect we can’t feel suffering. Our goal sometimes is to be with the suffering - to weather the storm. To listen until we know the way forward. To gain strength and freedom. To learn to truly trust ourselves and our ability to navigate the ever changing terrain of life with dignity and ease. To authentically flourish and to give from that overflow.

As Mary Oliver wrote, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


Blooming Possibilities  

A worthwhile journey takes time, commitment, vulnerability, and an open heart. I am so grateful to be here alongside you, as a trusted resource and advicer.  Let the adventure begin.